What Makes Olympia Different

What can you expect at Olympia?

When you walk into Olympia Body Transformation Sanctuary, you can be certain of a few things: you’re going to be greeted with a smile and a hello from someone who knows your name. You’re going to have a trainer to chat to when you have questions, and who can (and will) help you with equipment and exercises. You’re going to be in a beautiful gym which is equipped with clean, functioning, top of the range equipment to work out on. And most importantly you’ll be in a judgement free zone where you’ll be treated with respect.

At Olympia, we care about your workout. We’ve created a space where you can achieve your goals – whatever they may be. Some of our members are with us because they simply want to lose weight or gain muscle, others are here to train for a goal like a marathon or a 10km run, while some of our members are with us because they’re training for entry into a fitness competition.

We welcome everyone who walks through the doors the same way. Our gym is an inclusive, welcoming and friendly space staffed by like-minded trainers who just want to see you kicking butt, achieving your goals and smashing your personal best.


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What You Get When You Join

Our memberships start from $54.50 per week and include all of the features and benefits below. We champion education and accountability and have a tried and tested transformation system that we implement with every single client to make sure that they stay on track. When you join us, you will enjoy a combination of:

Our Gym Memberships from $54.50 per week!

Water Bottle and Dumbbell Icon

Unlimited access

to our Brisbane CBD gym

Tailored and Goal Specific Exercise Program Icon

Tailored goal specific exercise program

updated monthly

Nutrition Icon

Specific Nutrition Plan

Body weight and gender specific

Personal Trainer Icon

1 x FREE Start up Personal Training Session

to teach you how to use your program

Weight Loss Icon

Monthly InBody Composition Scan

to measure your results and track your progress

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Group Fitness Classes

suitable for all fitness levels

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Access to our private Facebook Group

where you’ll find new workout buddies, tasty recipes and huge amounts of support form fellow Olympia Members and Trainers

It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in right now – we will guide and support you as you walk this path to transformation, with respect, dignity, fun and expert advice along the way.

We’re located in the heart of Brisbane CBD on Level 1, 163 Elizabeth Street, which means we’re super easy to get to if you work in or near the city. We’re a five-minute walk from Central Station or can offer parking validation at Wintergarden Carpark just across the road.

Human Contact

We believe that it’s incredibly important to have human interaction when you’re working out. With a growing number of unstaffed gyms around, we see plenty of new members every day coming to join us because they’re tired of not knowing how to use equipment and having no one to ask, or who want more interaction with trainers and staff in the way of training, check-ins and classes.

We have so many ways that you can take your training to the next level:


(to keep you on track)

Group fitness classes

(because who doesn’t love a bit of motivation!)

Nutrition support and education

(so you can understand and get your head around healthy and effective eating)

Monthly check-ins with body composition scans

(for losses, gains and overcoming plateaus)

Personalised weight and fitness training programs

(updated every month)

Fitness competition training

At any other Brisbane health club, you might get any number of these options. But when you join Olympia, you’re not only getting all these benefits with your membership, you’re getting something money can’t buy: motivation.

Your trainer loves to see you work hard, and yes – they are going to make sure you’re giving all you have. They care about your self-confidence, they care about your progress, and ultimately, they want to see you achieve your goals – which at Olympia, is what we are all about.

Staying Motivated with Our Support

We know that one of the most common reasons why people start an exercise program but then stop a month later is because the motivation fades. The drive that got you over the line and into the gym in the first place departs, and before you know it, it’s been three weeks since you’ve even set foot in the gym – despite being locked into a contract that you can’t get out of.

Well, at Olympia, we don’t operate like that. We’re there for you not only when you’re with us in the gym but also throughout the week, whether it’s through the nutritional program that we can tailor to you, or with the support of our Facebook community where trainers and fellow Olympians are there to share gains, successes and support.

Ready to get more from yourself and your gym?

Your Dedicated Personal Trainer

At Olympia, we have a team of transformation specialists, and their role is simple (well, on the surface, anyway): they give you the motivation, expertise and push that you need to get results. They care about your self-confidence, they care about your progress, and ultimately, they want to see you achieve your goal and transformation – which at Olympia, is what we are all about.

If you’re just starting out and we’re your first gym, you can rest easy knowing you’ve started with the best trainers in Brisbane. If you’ve had personal trainers before and had little or mixed results, then you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the trainers at Olympia are trained to get results that you can maintain. They’ll keep you on track, upbeat and in line to  achieve your goals.

When you join our Brisbane health club, you will receive A FREE initial personal training session. This session will get you set up on your training program, so check out our Meet the Trainers page to get a feel for who you think will suit you best.


Join Us at Our Brisbane Fitness Club!

If you’re ready to get more from yourself (and from your gym), then you’re ready to join us at Olympia. Still not sure if we’re the ones for you? Try us out! Obligation free, where you can find out for yourself why so many happy people are part of the Olympia family.

We are so proud of our gym and the space that we have in Brisbane’s CBD, and we can’t wait to welcome you here. Olympia is a place where you will be supported, respected and welcomed with open arms no matter your goal, size, weight or fitness level.

The first step in achieving your new body is picking up the phone and calling us on (07) 3191 0564 to have a chat with one of our club owners for more info. Or, if you’d prefer, fill in the contact form below and we’ll call you at a time that suits you.

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