Success Stories


The picture with me standing next to a seedy Luke Skywalker was taken a few weeks before joining Olympia. My friend Jordan had been trying to get me to join Olympia for a few years but I told him I was not looking to join what looked to me like some sort of fitness cult. Jordan continued to bug me joining and I continued to find excuses why I couldn’t; “I’m really busy with work right now” or “I don’t have money for the membership”.

Eventually I cam up with an indefinite compromise; I told Jordan that that I didn’t want to join a gym where everyone looked really fit and straight out of a fitness magazine while I was so out of shape. I said that I would join a “regular gym” and then once I got back into shape I would consider joining Olympia. I didn’t end up joining a regular gym and continued living a life of limited physical activity.

Jump forward to April 2017 and I had just booked a USA/Canada holiday which included a 14 day tour of the Canadian Rockies. I am reading the “What you need to bring on tour” pamphlet and there is little section at the bottom in italics which said “This tour includes physical activities such as hiking and canoeing and as such we recommend a moderate level of fitness”. I spent a good while trying to decide whether my current level of fitness (or lack thereof) qualified as “moderate” level of fitness. In the end I decided that I really didn’t want to spend my whole trip feeling like I was about to have a cardiac incident.

I told Jordan I was ready to join a gym and he said I could come train with him on Saturday and check out Olympia. After a quick chat with G and signing the appropriate paperwork I did a little work on the treadmill, acquainted myself with the rowing machine and had a poor showing on the cross trainer. After regaining my breath I spoke with G again about what I was hoping to achieve and how Olympia could help my achieve my goals. I told G that I was going hiking in 12 months and that I didn’t want to be the slowest in the group and he asked me how many times a week I could train. I don’t know what I was thinking but I said I would do 2-3 sessions a week and signed up for two sessions a week with Lisa.

I met Lisa a few days later and my training began in earnest. We took my measurements again, discussed the Olympia meal plan, refined and expanded my goals (I decided I wanted to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge while I was in the US and G added an extra goal – lose 10kg before my trip) and established what I could actually run/cycle/row/lift. For the next 12 weeks I mostly stuck to the meal plan and worked out three times as week and before I knew it my technique and posture had improved, I was more than 10kg lighter and I could ride for 10km.

I felt on top of the world and was ready for a holiday I had been dreaming of for years. While on my holiday I did a number of things I didn’t think possible at the start of the year: I rode across the Golden Gate bridge, hiked across a glacier and completed a 18km round trip day hike (and wasn’t last!). What I am most proud of however was completing the Grouse Grind. The Grind or “Mother Natures Stair Master” according to the tourist information is a 2.9km hike with an elevation gain of 853m. I completed all 2,830 steps in just over 2 hours when just 12 weeks prior I was out of breath if I had to take more than a few flights of stairs at work.

For anyone reading this and thinking about giving Olympia a try I strongly recommend Greg, Cleo and the Olympia Trainers + Family. They are welcoming, supportive, understanding and 100% committed to helping you achieve your desired goals whatever they may be.

Antony Spence

So, it’s now just 12 hours and I’ll be up on stage, giving it everything in the Men’s Fitness division at the INBA Brisbane Classic.

I’m all tanned up, carbed up, and lying in my monkey onesie (because if you have to wear a onesie why not a colour coordinated monkey!) thinking about just how this journey has played out.

To think that I stepped on the scales only a couple of years ago and saw 110kg – to now, where I’m about to be pushed way outside anything I thought I could achieve.

This journey has been an interesting one for me. It has taken me to some very low points (self doubt is a wonderful thing! Ha) to some amazing and epic high moments (seeing the constant changes in your body is a great motivator).

I’ve met some of the most amazing people, and now some of my closest friends, throughout this journey. I’ve also found a passion for life and a drive to achieve in so many areas of my life. It’s been through all of this that I’ve really found out who I am.

I just want to say a huge thank you to you, my friends and family, both here in Brisbane and further afield. I couldn’t have come this far without the constant support, encouragement and guidance from you all.

Kelly Lambert

I’m loving every minute of travelling and I’m still keeping up with everything the Olympia team have thought me too!

One thing I found hard to do before joining Olympia was having a balance in life with my exercise, food and social life. Since been a part of the Olympia family, this is the first time I have ever seen a change in my body and great achieved great results (considering I had previously been in a gym for a few years ..I realised I had never seen results because of my diet!).

In the past, I would get so frustrated not getting the results I wanted! Every time I would diet I would cut out carbs which always lead to me craving and eating loads of sugar!! What I love about Olympia is the nutrition plan that I received as a member—it was easy to follow and accounted for real life scenarios like eating out each week.

Now that I am finally happy with my body makes me realise I can do anything once I apply myself and realising that it will only work if I’m having fun reaching my goals … it shouldn’t be about restriction and making yourself miserable … I now realise that negative thoughts show negative results! This is now a lifestyle change for me and not a diet or 6 week program- no real/healthy diet should have an expiry date!

One thing I found hard throughout my transformation has been dealing with negative criticism from people saying things like “why am I in the gym so often and always eating clean?” “What are you doing that for?

You’re already skinny!”. To me training and eating is all about building a shape and it’s an amazing thing to be able to sculpt your body by lifting weights!! I was always shy and nervous to ever go and lift weights in the gym! I can’t get enough of training and lifting weights now!

I also love passing on everything Greg and Cleo have taught me! Thank you both so much …I am very lucky to have you all as friends.

I am now physically and mentally happier than I’ve ever been!

One thing to always remember is that every one falls back in life and to not beat yourself up about it …we’re all human ..the most successful people on this earth are the ones who have failed numerous of times and get back up again Xx

Dana Steffensen

Hey guys!!!!

I was a member of Olympia about 3 years ago before I headed off on an overseas adventure to the UK which lasted about a year! Before I left I was apart of an amazing family here at Olympia and had an amazing trainer that’s no longer here.

So when I got back and after a long time spent procrastinating I finally found the motivation I needed to kick start some fitness goals. My friend and work colleague Sharielle introduced me to this amazing girl named Izzy and after meeting her I knew she would be the guidance I needed to achieve my goals!

I came to her hoping to achieve certain goals which include: – losing body fat and toning before another trip away at the end of the year – helping motivate and keep me focused to achieve that goal – improving my fitness and endurance – mastering a push up – and nutritional guidance to help me reach my goals faster. These are but a few of the goals I hope to achieve at Olympia and under the guidance of Izzy. I think that one of the things that sets Olympia aside from other fitness establishments is that you really feel like your apart of a family there. I have never felt more comfortable as everyone’s made me feel and that’s such an amazing feeling. I also feel that Izzy as a trainer goes above and beyond for myself and I’m sure all of her clients, in assuring we get the best knowledge possible to help reach our goals!


Franziska Leibrich

My colleague and friend Kelly was at the gym and she highly recommended Olympia to me when I said that I want to go back to a more healthy and sporty life. My training/gym/body/fitness/etc. before was very different cause I love sports and good healthy food but I didn’t care to much before cause I was lazy and didn’t have the motivation.

Olympia makes me feel good and motivates me really good even when I have a bad day, there are always the personal trainers who push you and say don’t give up. I have never had it like this before in other gyms.

Olympia is much better than every other gym I have ever joined. I never had a personal trainer and when I started joining I thought I probably don’t need one but it is really good to have one cause it pushes you, you want to be good and better. And the trainers and everybody who trains there is so nice and happy and motivates you and you don’t feel lost, just like in a family. I love the atmosphere and motivation and they don’t care if you are not really sporty or your a bodybuilder it feels like everybody is the same and no difference.

It is really difficult to say what I love most about the facility because there is so much I really like. I have never had a shower in a gym where I actually took a shower cause I felt not comfortable and there is a kitchen that’s awesome and I love the gym facilities.

I train with Izzy Davis fortnightly and she is great. She motivates me so much but it is not just like a personal trainer it is like a friend motivates you and helps you through everything that’s really good. I don’t feel uneasy when I train with her.

My greatest training achievement so far is that my whole body transformed in only 2 weeks in everything runs down like my weight. I already have 2 kg less than 2weeks before and I think that’s amazing.

Just come in and try and it will catch you cause it is the best gym I have ever been. I already told my roommate a few times that I really like it and what I like and she said maybe she wants to join that sounds really great.

Sharielle Jordanovich

Age: 22

I chose to train at Olympia because I wanted to join a club that was going to motivate me for the right reasons and help me achieve my goals.

My previous trainer was negative and didn’t motivate me the way I needed to , but with my Olympia trainer Izzy I feel like I come here to work out with a friend, who truly wants the best for me. She is so motivating and in the sincerest way possible. Izzy, is truly one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Since training with Izzy , I find myself motivated with my food and thinking about life differently. I have lost 8kgs and feeling stronger, healthier and happier!!!

Everyone at Olympia is so friendly, both the trainers and the members – its so lovely to be greeted with a warm welcome when you walk in the door.

One of my favourite things about being a part of the Olympia community is that everyone has/is on their own journeys and we all join in on each others happiness. Plus, this gym is AMAZING! You could not ask for a better club to train at! Even when I don’t want to work out, I’m happy and motivated!

If you’re thinking about training at Olympia just DO IT!! If you are over working out in a mediocre gym, with mediocre people, give Olympia a try! Never have I met, two people like Cleo and G that truly care about their member the way they do! Thank you Olympia!

Joshua Greaney

Before Joining Olympia I was always passionate about Health and Fitness. So much so that I had embarked on several online transformation competitions over 4 or so years in efforts to improve myself and become more confident in whom I was.

Eventually I made the decision to compete in an INBA Body Sculpting Competition, where I managed to exceed my expectations and place in 3 divisions. It was during this competition that I had my first encounter with Olympia backstage. Both G and Cleo cheered for me as my current coach was unable to stay, providing amazing support even though I was not part of their team or had never met them. This memory had such a lasting impact that when I decided to compete again I knew I had to find out more about Olympia.

Since joining the Olympia family my life has completely changed in all aspects, as a result of the positive environment that has been created by G, Cleo, the trainers, and all the members. I look forward to walking through the doors each and every day because I know that I am surrounding myself with like-minded enthusiastic people who add value to my day to day life. Since Olympia my strength has dramatically increased, fitness levels are the highest they have ever been, and I have many new friends and a relationship. My results in competitions since joining have blown me away, wining Overall Men’s Physique and Fitness Titles, and achieving Pro status in Men’s Fitness. The success in competitions is a by-product of the amazing place that is Olympia and what it allows people to become, and I am grateful every day that I found this place!

Jake E

Hello all my name is Jake I’m 25 years old. The reason I started training at Olympia is because I was getting far too lazy and lethargic and I couldn’t even recognise myself in the mirror. Prior to joining Olympia, I was taking the easy option of take away everyday and never cooking at home. My exercise regime was little to none other than occasionally walking my dog. I joined a gym for a year and only went 3 times over 6 months.

Being in Olympia makes you feel welcome unlike any other gym I’ve ever been to. Everyone is so positive and accepting no matter what size or shape you are. Since beginning my journey at Olympia within my first month I had drastically transformed my body. I lost 4.2kg and 4% body fat which is unbelievable and has made me feel so good!! Training with Izzy has been life changing for me as I was nearly heavier than ever before. The moment we first started talking about my goals I could see that I was going to achieve them with her.

In November I fly to Vietnam and my goal is to take off my shirt next to my brother without feeling insecure. I know now that I will achieve this as I’ve never been pushed as hard with anyone to reach my goals. The way Olympia is structured is perfect for anyone trying to get into shape as it’s not the normal gym where no one talks to you. Not only the trainers but even members always talk to each other which I’ve personally never seen in another gym.

If there’s one thing I could recommend if you’re looking to achieve all your goals no matter what shape you’re in, see an Olympia trainer; they will absolutely change your life like Izzy has already done to mine.

Alexandra Yves

Olympia specialise in finding your inner-champion because they know what’s important:

  1. Community

Olympia is not just a gym and will never be, it is a community. When I had my first fat burning session and knew nobody I was assaulted by hugs and pats on the back as I walked through the door, everyone asked about my goals and shared their stories of achievements since joining which inspired me. I live on the Gold Coast and drive for one hour to Brisbane every week to train and just to see the Olympia family, there is no other place on the planet like it.

  1. Education

One of my main goals was to have a better relationship with food and strong understanding of nutrition as this was something I had no idea about previously. My trainer went over my custom nutrition plan with me in detail educating me on why I should eat specific foods and when in order to help me with maximum weight loss as well as how to eat a balanced diet. Since sticking to this plan I have seen huge results and currently have lost 15kgs. But most importantly I feel more empowered when I make choices about the foods I eat because I know why I am eating them and how they will effect my body.

  1. Accountability + support systems

I receive a minimum of 4 texts a day from my trainer asking about what I am eating and how I am going and also a few snapchats a week with messages of support which I love! My workouts are also tracked on an exclusive heart rate monitor which links up to an app that my trainer logs in at any time of the day and sends messages of motivation to ensure I am hitting my weekly goals. No matter where I am in the world I know I will receive support from my trainer and makes me accountable at all times which has been a crucial part of my success.

        – Every champion was once a contender –

Previously I had gained 30kg and struggled for 5 years to lose weight trying every diet or plan and had no results. I joined the Olympia Pro Team weighing 104kg and have now lost 15kg since starting my journey to stepping on stage.

When I walk up the stairs to Olympia every week I see their mantra ‘every champion was once a contender’ it keeps my eye on the goal and reminds me what it takes to be the best.

I will be competing in April 2017 with a total weight loss of 40kg and am taking home a trophy.

Thank you Olympia family for forcing me to find my inner-champion.

Leonie Pulvirenti

Age: 39

Why did you choose to train at Olympia?

I chose Olympia because I wanted to start my journey which I should have started a long time ago. Over the last two years I lost all confidence in myself and I knew that Olympia could help me in all aspect in my life.

How was your body/fitness/training/nutrition/attitude different prior to joining the Olympia family? How does that differ to the person you have become today?

My training has all been good in regards to running not really weights. Every time I would do a pump class I would get a sore neck my technique was obviously since training at Olympia I have had no problems with it. As for nutrition I am a single mum so I am always on the run I made excuses and would not eat healthy or not eat at all. Today, I follow the plan and it has made me realise that making your meals isn’t so hard and is healthy way of life.

Tell us about your transformation (physical/mental)?

My transformation – before I started at Olympia I had lost all my self-confidence, felt worthless and not good enough.

I believe I am now a stronger, positive person and I know that I can do it on my own but with the help of the Olympia family.

What do you think makes Olympia different?

Olympia has blown my mind not just with the training aspect but the non-judgmental people that they have working there. CLEO& G should be so proud of what they have made at a Olympia it isn’t just a gym it is so totally more a family every person who walks in that door can’t walk out without being happy.

What do you love most about Olympia?

The people, the environment, to be totally honest I love it all. I have never walked into a place like Olympia before.

Do you train with an Olympia Trainer? If so, Who? And what makes them unique/why do you love training with them?

Yes. Triston. This young man has been my rock throughout all of my trainings. He has pushed me to limits I thought I could never go and shown me that I can do it and even come out with muscles. I couldn’t be where I am today without him and I can’t thank him enough. Thank you Triston. P

If you are on the Olympia Pro Team – Tell us about what you’ve learnt so far and what you’ve gotten out of being on the team specific to mindset, training techniques and nutrition?

It is not just about training and getting up on stage so so much more. You learn that you can do things that you never thought you could and when you have a moment they remind you “you can” the five words means so much to me and makes me accountable… The overall experience is something I am so glad that I have had.

What has been your training achievement since training at Olympia so far?

To get my confidence back not to be ashamed of my tummy and get some muscles.

What would be your advice/comments to anyone who is thinking about joining Olympia/The Olympia Pro Team?

Join you won’t regret you meet great people, great training, great support, and you will get

The results you want.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention or share about your tie at Olympia?

Thank you so much for helping me get myself into a bikini & helping me to my life around couldn’t do it without you.

Vanessa Bagrowski

Age: 28

What were the initial reasons why you chose to train at Olympia?

A friend referred me

Tell us about your transformation so far (may be physical and/or mental)?

I joined Olympia in Oct 2015, and have since then lost over 10% body fat and 10kgs! I am the fittest I have ever been and have not only overcome injuries but also am so much more stronger!

 What do you think makes Olympia different to other fitness clubs/gyms?

Olympia prides itself on being a “family” based gym which creates an accepting and supportive atmosphere that makes coming to the gym more enjoyable and easy to do!

What are your favourite things about being a part of the Olympia Family/community?

The friendships I have made with other members! So many fantastic great people there and all so supportive!

 What do you love most about Olympia as a facility?

Fatburning dance party Saturdays!

Do you train with an Olympia Trainer? If so, Who? And what makes them unique/why do you love training with them?

Yes, Triston. Triston has helped me kick butt in goals such as squatting 100Kgs and being able to do unassisted pull ups!! I love that he pushes me to lift heavier but also ensures my form is spot on and has been a big part of my fitness and health journeys that have led me to competing in a bikini contest for the first time.

What has been your greatest training achievement since training at Olympia so far? There have been so many goals achieved, but the biggest achievement will be stepping on stage

What would be your advice/comments to anyone who is thinking about joining Olympia/The Olympia Pro Team?

Olympia is definitely one of the best gyms I have ever been too, no matter what stage of your fitness journey you are at this place is dedicated in helping push you to achieve your fitness and health goals

If you are on the Olympia Pro Team – Tell us about what you’ve learnt so far and what you’ve gotten out of being on the team specific to mindset, training techniques and nutrition?

I have learnt so much not only about techniques and nutrition but also about myself, and what I value as most important to me in my life. Olympia has helped me set up goals for all aspects of my life as well as helped me change my mindset regarding foods, alcohol and overall happiness! I now feel like I have the rights tools to set up myself up in life to achieve greatness!

Shailesh Thorat aka Thor!

Age: 28

What were the initial reasons why you chose to train at Olympia?

A physical activity alone does not guarantee success; moreover my previous gymnasium failed considerably keeping me motivated to be consistent and I needed the change. I am glad that I happen to pass by Olympia one fine day when I met Triston and Florian, the two amazing Homo Sapiens I know. The moment I stepped in, the workout vibe was mesmerizing and I decided – this is it!

Was your trainer/gym/body/fitness/training/nutrition/attitude different prior to joining the Olympia family? How does that differ to what you experience at Olympia?

Yes. Although I managed to run/gym 3-4 days a week intermittently, my diet comprised of some unhealthy stuff. With Olympia, my nutrition has been spot on; I now truly believe in the adage, ‘healthy mind in healthy body.’

Tell us about your transformation so far (may be physical and/or mental)?

It has been an epic experience for the last three months. Physically, I am leaner than I ever was in the last 4 years;

I’ve managed shedding eight (8) kilos which accounts to my 7% body fat – to do this in 3 months was truly rewarding for me.

The pain I felt while working out resulted into the work-out fear melting away like a wax off a candle.

Mentally I believe the long lost confidence has been restored making me feel optimistic. I can feel the difference at work as well. Olympia has been one of the best things for me in my three years’ time in Brisbane.

What do you think makes Olympia different to other fitness clubs/gyms?

One word – FAMILY.

Everyone at Olympia prides in calling itself a family and rightly so, for it is one. Hand on heart, my time in Olympia had not been any different.

Every Olympia trainer is equally thrilled and excited as you are to smash all the goals needing fulfilment. I have never, I repeat NEVER witnessed such a marvellous support being displayed at any other gym/club. It is more like you can walk in and be assured that Olympia has your back – like I said – FAMILY.

What are your favourite things about being a part of the Olympia Family/community?

There are many but I will sure list few unique ones here:

The 100 fat burning cards – Oh I love them. One can rely on those and be guaranteed of the precise and effective fat melting.

The Saturday phat burning party can never miss the list. This is a phenomenal group activity lasting about 45 – 60 minutes fun work-out with 90s music on.

The unique wheel of (mis)fortune: This exceptional wheel outlining few exercises can be a good starter to get your heart beats up in a short time.

I absolutely love using MYZONE and keeping myself accountable by tracking the efforts put in and the amount of calories burnt; the social network on MYZONE app is cool too.

Those motivational sticky notes posted by trainers on the programme card are second to none.

What do you love most about Olympia as a facility?

Olympia is a wonderful facility with all the necessary equipment that will help one commence a sensational journey towards healthier life. What I love most about Olympia is the immense camaraderie I share with the trainers and other like-minded members. Olympia has surely been a needle that I somehow found in a haystack; I can’t thank my stars enough for this.

Do you train with an Olympia Trainer? If so, Who? And what makes them unique/why do you love training with them?

Triston Seymour is the trainer that I worked out with and I have absolutely loved it. He was the one who pushed me every time I wanted to give up.  The motivating chats we had always propped me up and I used to look forward to training day every week. It is because of him that I have improved on my technique on a greater scale.

The fact that makes Triston a legend is how he manages to understand the personal thresholds and limits of his clients using them to bolster the performance. For a guy who could hardly do 6 push ups at one time, I am now able to do 60 without breaking sweat – this in itself is a good testimony to his training.

What has been your greatest training achievement since training at Olympia so far?

Ans.: Apart from the ‘Member of the Strong’ medal, the biggest achievement for me was to leg press 350 kilos along with the jump squats I did in the intervals. This has been the defining moment for me that instilled a sense of accomplishment. It was then that I realised that I could keep on improving and hitting personal bests. Burning 1000 calories every day (4-5 days a week) is one of those.

What would be your advice/comments to anyone who is thinking about joining Olympia/The Olympia Pro Team?

If you have never been consistent and are hungry for the inspiration that keeps you motivated then Olympia is definitely the place you seek. Olympia will make sure you never hate working out instead you will be delighted to watch it become the best part of your everyday task.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention or share about your time at Olympia?

I love the fact how Olympia nurtures one from the word ‘go’ maintaining the accountabilities at all times. It silently houses in some corner of your heart making one feel connected. As for someone who is thousands of miles away from home and loved ones Olympia has truly been like a family to me, a home, away from home! I am and will forever be grateful for this.

Dana Steffensen

Hey guys!!!!

I was a member of Olympia about 3 years ago before I headed off on an overseas adventure to the UK which lasted about a year! Before I left I was apart of an amazing family here at Olympia and had an amazing trainer that’s no longer here.

So when I got back and after a long time spent procrastinating I finally found the motivation I needed to kick start some fitness goals. My friend and work colleague Sharielle introduced me to this amazing girl named Izzy and after meeting her I knew she would be the guidance I needed to achieve my goals!

I came to her hoping to achieve certain goals which include: – losing body fat and toning before another trip away at the end of the year – helping motivate and keep me focused to achieve that goal – improving my fitness and endurance – mastering a push up – and nutritional guidance to help me reach my goals faster. These are but a few of the goals I hope to achieve at Olympia and under the guidance of Izzy. I think that one of the things that sets Olympia aside from other fitness establishments is that you really feel like your apart of a family there. I have never felt more comfortable as everyone’s made me feel and that’s such an amazing feeling. I also feel that Izzy as a trainer goes above and beyond for myself and I’m sure all of her clients, in assuring we get the best knowledge possible to help reach our goals!


Irina Ovsyankina


I have always wanted to feel a part of a team/family and surround myself in positive environment while reaching my fitness goals. My experience at other gyms was completely different prior to joining Olympia. In Olympia our trainers put a lot of effort and time in their clients, always checking up on nutrition and encouraging to do extra physical activities outside PT sessions to reach our goals faster. Also my nutrition knowledge increased during training at Olympia. By using app MyFitnessPal, my trainer Izzy can not only check up on me, but gives me advice on how I can reduce my fat and sugar intake and increase my protein intake. She is always positive and bubbly. She pushes me hard, which I want from a trainer. No mercy haha. When I first met her, I specifically asked her to be mean to me (in relation to, she has to push me hard otherwise I will slack off). She is willing to go beyond for her clients, helping me with my nutrition and asking me if I want to do extra fat burning together etc.

Also I always love meeting new people, and the best way to do so is through Olympia parties/events, such as midnight premier of Star Wars where everyone had to dress up and enjoy time together. It makes me feel that I belong to a team and everyone is super nice and welcoming to newcomers. There’s no judgment at Olympia.

When I first started my fitness journey, I just came back from my Europe trip even heavier then I was before leaving. All pastas and pizzas at Rome and pastries and tarts in Paris didn’t help. They did taste amazing, I won’t lie. When I first stepped into a gym I weighed 60.5kg and my goal was to lose a least 7kg for my mum’s wedding which was in three-month time. With lots of hard work and tears, I reached my goal in time, but I wasn’t happy with an atmosphere at my old gym (lot’s of judging, which doesn’t encourage you to come back). That’s when I was introduced to Olympia club. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, helping me to fit in and enjoy my time. My goal was to tone up and loose extra fat %. When I was first measured I was around 20.2% body fat and I lost 2% body fat in 1 month. But the hardest change for me was not physical exhaustion, it was changing my entire lifestyle and bad habits. When you’ve been eating relatively unhealthy your entire life, it is hard to say no to extra sugar or fat. I just had to make healthier adjustments, instead of having a doughnut I would have apple instead and so on. It is hard, but so worth it.

What makes Olympia different to other gyms – First of all, everyone treats you like you are a part of a family. For me something little like remembering my name is important. I remember when I came back to train only for a second time, G came out of his office with a massive smile on his face and said “Hey Irina- Legend, how you going?’.I was slightly shocked, thinking he only seen me once before and how does he remember me. That is just one example, I can supply with many more if needed haha.

Second of all trainers are really involved in your life even out side of gym, checking on how your nutrition going, helping with food choices, new healthier recipes and of course checking if you are coming to Saturday fat burning class.

And third of all any fat burning activities, such as fat burning class on Saturday, fat burning cards or fat burning wheel. All of those tools help and motivate me to exercise outside my PT sessions. Also once you completed a card you get a nice stick on message that always brightens my day =)

Some of my favourite things about Olympia are the trainers, members and of course G and Cleo. Everyone projects positive attitude and vibe.

My greatest achievement since training at Olympia would probably be squatting more than my body weight. I think my personal best is 60kg, which is big achievement for me!

Thank you guys for making my experience super positive =)

Jess Ham

Age 25,
I chose to train at Olympia because the trainers there always seemed so passionate about their job and were always friendly and approachable. Plus, a small conversation in the store where I work with Cleo about the competitions Olympia competes in intrigued me and made me see it as more than just any old gym, there was a greater goal in mind than just signing people up, which I think is kind of cool and inspiring.

The atmosphere is just always ‘up’ at Olympia. People greet each other and smile (which can be daunting at first, but when you get used to it it’s awesome).

Plus, I’m really thrilled to have Iona as a personal trainer, because I feel her approach to training is holistic and easy to follow, but at the same time challenging and fun. From what I can see, this appears to be a general ‘Olympia’ attitude towards fitness.

The main things I enjoy about being a part of the Olympia family is a combination of the friendly, easy going atmosphere, that there are always new challenges to be met and that the trainers know everyone and greet them by their name and are just generally cool people.

Mentally, I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and how I need to use it to fuel my body for workouts and just everyday living. This has had a rippling affect on my overall approach to exercise and diet as I’ve been through the ‘fad’ diets and eliminating carbs to lose weight, but only having minimal effect and leaving me tired and cranky. Now I’m trying to eat enough just to keep up with my body (which can sometimes be a balancing act), but with Iona’s help and the nutrition guide provided by Olympia I’m learning how to eat like champion and I actually don’t hate eating now.

Physically, I’m feeling stronger and that feels amazing. For the first time in my life I can do push ups on my toes, and I can leg press 130kgs. Exercise used to only be about looking good and feeling lighter, but feeling stronger and having more control of my movement is just the best feeling. As a mum I find I’m needing that strength more and more to keep up with my toddler (who is getting heavier by the day). I think strength training is more important for women than they realize.

My greatest achievement since training at Olympia would have to be leg pressing over 100kgs for the first time. It made me feel like my body was capable of achieving things that I didn’t think it could.

My advice to anyone who is new to Olympia would be to
ask for help a lot and don’t use not knowing something as an excuse not to try new stuff, everyone at Olympia is super nice and helpful and sometimes the scarier an exercise looks the more fun it is!

Shannon Louise

Age 27,

After training at various other establishments during the course of my fitness journey, I have never ever found a gym that made me feel so comfortable from the moment I first ever walked through the door. The culture and the family at Olympia actually makes me want to train outside of my PT sessions. Training at Olympia is a whole new experience and one I hope many more people are exposed to!

From the moment I entered Olympia, I knew it was different.

From all the trainers knowing your name, to the motto on the wall, being surrounded by “everyday people” all with the same passions, goals and striving for success, so many smiles, the fat burning cards… Olympia is not like anything I’ve ever experienced before.

The top 3 things I love most about Olympia are:
The people.
The atmosphere & culture.
The constant encouragement.

In terms of my transformation since starting at Olympia— Wow, I don’t even know where to begin! From walking through the front door having a mild panic attack due to the unknown, to now being able to enter the sanctuary and talk to people I would never have approached previously, to allowing myself to be challenged and smash those challenges, to not being so self-conscious of what I look like pre, during and post work out… I’m also lifting, pushing, pulling the heaviest weights I’ve ever done! It helps hugely that I have been blessed with a super amazing trainer, Triston, who believes in me and my abilities both mentally and physically. When you have someone who genuinely, truly believes in you and doesn’t ever give up on you, it makes all the difference!

I would definitely say that my training highlight so far would have to be the massive increments of weight being added to the leg press almost every leg work out! That and also my social anxiety within a training facility being pretty much non-existent.

If you’re considering training at Olympia— In my honest opinion, considering is not an option. There is no other facility or support network like Olympia. I am thankful every day for being given the opportunity to become a member of this truly amazing family and I am excited to see what other goals I can achieve and challenges I can overcome!

Darian Blaney

Age 34,
I’ve been a member of a few gyms in my time and spent a fair bit of time training on my own. I’d reached the point where knew I needed more support to reach my goals. My fiance (now wife) had been training at Olympia for 2-3 months and had experienced amazing success. After one session with Jake I knew I was in the right place, and I haven’t looked back since.

Olympia really is a family. There is a tremendous amount of focus placed on building a true community amongst the trainers and members, and it shows.

When you walk into Olympia you won’t meet anyone, be they trainers or the other members, who isn’t ready to say hello and give you their full support in reaching your goals.

The top 3 things I love most about Olympia are the community, the laughter, and of course the results!

In 7 months I’ve gained nearly 10kg whilst dropping from 20% to 14% body fat. I’ve more than doubled my personal best in every exercise that I perform. Mentally I’m sharper, I sleep better, and I have more energy.

Two moments stick out for me from this year. The first was bench pressing 70kg for the first time, which was my body weight when I first started at Olympia. The second was leg pressing over 400kg for the first time… just because it’s such a big number!

Chelsea Bona

It is so difficult to explain the feeling that being a part of the Olympia has given me… It’s completely unique to anything I have ever known. It’s a place where like minded people get together to help and support each other to succeed at their dreams and I honestly never thought I would say that about a group of people other than my own family.

When I turned 25 I battled with the dark side of the quarter life crisis where I felt I hadn’t achieved everything I had planned to yet and I was starting to feel like my life was heading to an end.

I compared myself to others and was over critical of myself in everything. By doing this I forgot how much I had already achieved.

When I saw a friend of a friend’s involvement with Olympia, something told me that’s where I belong, which is odd, because I’ve never felt I would ever belong anywhere. I was always too shy and it took me a long time for me to relax in front of others. I also struggled with anxiety, I was insecure and severely harsh on myself with what I had to offer others.

The night I met Cleo & G, I felt like I had met the most amazing team on earth. Now each day I am there I meet even more people who are awesome at life because they are genuinely able to be themselves and I respect that more than anything – sincerity.

I feel part of a team because we are all chasing dreams and goals, but it’s also a family because we are all looking out for each other.

Less than 6 months ago I joined Olympia and I arrived anxious, scared, nervous but hopeful wanting to be a better person inside and out. But thanks to an amazing team, Cleo, G, my PT Luke and every member of the Olympia family – Today, I’m 28, I no longer feel like my life is over – The best time of my life has only just begun.

Daniel Popple

Age 24,
I was looking for a new gym after leaving my university gym upon graduating and Olympia was recommended to me by a friend who had recently joined and was loving it. After speaking to Luke (a trainer at Olympia) and going in for my session I knew Olympia was the place for me. My first session absolutely destroyed me and I couldn’t wait to get back and do it all over again. Everyone at Olympia is incredibly friendly and dedicated to achieving their fitness goals. It was this friendly and motivational environment which made me decide to join and I’ve been at Olympia almost every day ever since.

The thing that makes Olympia different is the people.

The environment at Olympia is completely different to other gyms I have been to. Everyone is friendly, welcoming and positive and this makes Olympia a very safe and fun place to be. Going to the gym at the end of my day is a highlight, not a chore, and this is purely down to the amazing environment at Olympia. It really is like being part of a fitness family and I love it.

The top 3 things I love about training at Olympia are:
1. The amazing environment – it’s a safe and fun place to be. No more feeling awkward or uncomfortable at a gym!
2. The trainers – Amazing people, always welcoming and incredibly supportive.
3. Fat burning cards – it’s great to come in each afternoon and face a different card, the variety keeps training interesting.

I am only a new Olympia member but I have already smashed my personal bests since joining. My fitness levels are higher than they have ever been and this is all down to Olympia. My attitude towards working out and going to gym have also completely changed. Previously going to the gym could be a bit of chore, whereas at Olympia hitting the gym after work is the highlight of my day. I love the challenge and I have never been so motivated to achieving my fitness goals; Olympia has definitely brought out my competitive side!

I have only been at Olympia for three months but I’ve already have a number of training highlights! I have beaten both my leg press and bench press personal bests (by significant amounts) thanks to Luke my trainer and I’m lifting weights I never thought I could. I am also smashing out the Olympia Fat Burning Cards and my goal is to be the first to finish all 100! Only 25 cards to go!!

Join us!!! It was the best fitness decision I ever made, and that’s not an oversell. In terms of fitness I am well on track to achieving my fitness goals and I am already fitter then I have ever been. But joining Olympia has delivered so much more than just fitness results. I have made amazing friends, I have never been so motivated and I have found a gym environment that just keeps me coming back. I love being part of the Olympia family and I will happily recommend Olympia to anyone else who is committed to achieving their fitness goals.

Stuart Simpson

I was hooked on the positivity and energy of the gym after my first session!

Olympia had a feeling of family like no other gym. You walk in and everyone wants you to be there and have fun while you work out!

The top things I love about Olympia: The encouragement everyone gives each other. The support from the personal trainers and how they make Olympia like a second home. The fantastic fat burning cards!

Mentally since joining, I feel on top of the world. I’m organised and I love it. Physically I feel stronger every week. And every week so far I’ve made new PB’s!

Highlight of my time at Olympia so far: At the end of my second week at Olympia, after my first group fat burning session with the team- I decided I wanted to own a gym like Olympia. To make an impact on people’s lives and help them to love themselves and love every day they are alive. I want people to feel the joy that I now have from being part of the Olympia family.

Advice for anyone else thinking of becoming a part of the Olympia team: You can go to any gym and they will all have the same weights, cardio machines and strength machines. What puts Olympia in front of every other gym out there is the positive energy that flows in this gym. It is with that positive energy that people are able to make a change to not just their bodies, but to their whole lives and outlook on life for the better. They can spread the good vibes!

Adam Mann

Age 28,
A friend highly recommended joining Olympia, as she had noticed that I had put on some weight recently, and would benefit from a supportive, friendly and family like atmosphere at a gym as
opposed to being just a number or faceless member.

As clichéd as it sounds, Olympia is very much like a family. Everyone is genuinely there to support, encourage and help you reach your goals, and to see you succeed. And knowing that there are “people who genuinely care and are there to help and support you makes a huge difference.

Everyone at Olympia is completely genuine, and wants to see you succeed. The trainers are
invested in seeing you do well, and achieve your goals, and it is very much like a supportive family atmosphere.

Physically, I have noticed my fitness getting a lot better, and that I am able to do things that I didn’t believe I would be doing as quickly as I am.

My main achievement since training at Olympia is noticing that things that I was finding myself reaching my limits are now for me what I would do as a warm up. Noticing my fitness is becoming a lot more noticeable and getting back into shape without even realising it.

Carla Van Den Hoorn

I had been wanting to get fit for quite some time, but never really knew where to go or who to approach. Then I noticed that my ex-colleague & friend Emma McNulty was a personal trainer, so I got up the courage to ask for a consultation and we had a chat at Olympia after work one night and a PT session and then I took the jump. A year or so later, I’m so glad I continued with training at Olympia!

What I love most about Olympia is that they’re a great team and it is such a fun, safe, non-judgmental and inclusive environment – I never feel out of place…That’s what I was looking for in a fitness establishment!

Last year my transformation was more mental; I have so much more confidence in myself, my abilities and just body confidence in general. I am so much more educated in relation to how to work out and general nutrition, and although I stumble, Emma and the trainers have helped me to lose the guilt and keep going.

Since training at Olympia, my respiratory/cardio fitness has increased and I can get through a work out most of the time without feeling sick! I now know how to bench press, squat, and am generally more comfortable around weights thanks to Olympia, and my strength has REALLY increased! I also discovered my love for boxing. More so, it’s about overcoming (or working on overcoming) my anxieties with Emma with certain exercises and realising that I can actually do things I never thought were possible, or that I thought I would hate.

I’ve followed the Olympia program and I really love that there are real-life, simple suggestions and meals to follow. There are no difficult recipes or meal suggestions with words and foods that I can’t pronounce or have never heard of before, which is such a turn off with other meal plans! Everything on The Olympia Program you can get at Woollies and it’s just so easy and normal.

If you’re thinking about training with us JFDI (just f***ing do it!)! …We’re all awesome here!

Reece Knight

Before and after pics 4 months apart

Hey My name is Reece Knight and I am 27 years old and I joined the Olympia Pro Team after hitting a plateau in my training after going through some life changes and I am glad I did!

Joining the team has changed so many aspects of my life firstly my attitude towards life in general not just my training has had such a positive boost. My view of training and nutrition now has a more realistic outlook and I now know my goals are certainly achievable!

I had a thought for a long time to compete and when I told a lot of people they said “that sounds tough!” But beware when you say things like that around the Pro Team crew they make sure they happen! During my road to competing I went from 17.5% BF to 10% on a Dexa scan and they don’t lie! I lost over 10kg of fat all while increasing lean mass by 1 kilo!

If you are looking for positive realistic change Olympia Pro Team it is!

Alex Milesovic

One day I was sitting at home discussing with my partner that I wasn’t getting any younger and that I needed to do something about getting fit. That evening coincidentally I had a conversation with Jake, a family friend and a PT at Olympia, next thing you know I’m on my way to a better me.

It’s hard to think of only 3 things that I love about Olympia so I’ll give you the Top 3.

1. To train with people who are at the top of their game, the right training techniques, the right science and the right attitude.

2. Having a place to go and release the stress of day to day life. Working with a team of the most positive energetic people I have ever met.

3. The thing I think that is most important is being reinvigorated and finding the confidence and drive to change other aspects of my life that weren’t benefiting me or those I love.

I’m eating healthier and loving it, having more energy to boot. I now love going to the gym, which is something I never thought I would say!

The biggest change is in my cardio vascular fitness! When I started training at Olympia 10 minutes on the bike or rowing machine would have wiped me out. Now I head to the gym to do a solid hour or hour and a half of cardio. Maintain a heart rate of 150-160 BPM and burn 650-750 calories. I haven’t been able to do that since my early 30’s.

I have try to follow the program but 35 years of not eating more than 2-3 times a day is hard to change. I’m still a work in progress and I will get there. The thing that makes sense to me about The Olympia Program is that is not a diet. If I followed it I know I would actually eat more than I do now and would lose more kilos in the process!

If you are genuinely interested in changing your life, becoming healthier and happier- You will not find a more supportive, professional, positive, caring team of individuals to help you on your journey. If not for my trainer and friend Jake I would not feel as good as I do today. If not for the positivity and energy I receive from the entire team at Olympia I would never have decided to go back into being in business for myself. After 30 years of running my own business I was burnt out and feeling defeated. So in 2011 I closed my business and went and worked for a boss. This had many advantages but there was something missing in my life. When I started training at Olympia I realised that there was so much more I could do, my energy and zest for life was back. Now a new journey begins and I am opening my own new business.

A huge thank you to the team at Olympia and special thank you to my trainer Jake. At 54 years of age I now understand that I have a lot more living to do!

Diana Ballesteros

Diana, Why did you choose to train at Olympia?

Due to getting involved in Archery I needed a personal trainer to help me become lean and strong to be able to cope with the long shoot sessions and to prepare myself for my very first National Indoor Competition. I was not looking for a regular trainer but someone committed to my goal and what I wanted to get out of it. I read Olympia was run by a world fitness champion and that gave me the confidence I would be training with one of the best in the business!!

What are the top 3 things you love most about being part of the Olympia family?

First one is that I’m surrounded by achievers and success-driven people that not only do they encourage me to give it all in every single session but they also celebrate my triumphs and accomplishments in all areas in my life. I also love the amazing energy and incredible passion put into helping me to reach my goals vanishing at the same time any doubt I may have of myself or my own capabilities; and finally the professionalism shown by the whole team- it gives me the security and confidence that I have on my side experienced trainers and athletes that I respect and I can learn from.

How have you transformed physically/mentally since training at Olympia?

Since meeting Jake, Cleo and the whole Olympia family the changes in my thinking are remarkable. I found myself with the energy and willingness that once upon a time was my motto but for several reasons was lost in the last few years. I’m definitely a more confident professional and archer; I’m committed to do my best with every single arrow and to make the best of every single day. I’m more prepared to cope with stress and difficult times and yes, physically I like what I see in front of the mirror and look forward to look even better.

What has been your training/achievement highlight since training at Olympia?

I’ve become stronger and healthier, came from doing only 1 chin up and a few not so well done push ups to currently being able to perform at least 13 chin ups and 67 push ups.

In addition, I did end up becoming a State Champion in the National Indoor Competition I was participating. Thanks to my training at Olympia, my core and back strength increased enough to allow me to consistently shoot for the period of time required and I’m currently on the road to get stronger so that I can shoot at Olympic distances.

Jamie Maione

I chose to train at Olympia after I received a phone call from one of the Olympia trainers, Lisa.  In that first phone call, something really ‘clicked’.  I found Lisa’s personality, positivity and enthusiasm infectious and immediately thought to myself ‘why would I not do this!’

The top 3 things about being part of the Olympia family are respect, attitude and results!

My transformation has not only been the changes on the outside, which at the end of the day are superficial – but I’ve managed to lose over 4cm around my waistline, get my body fat percentage below 10% while maintaining the same overall weight. There is also the intangible benefits that have come with it – feeling good about myself, my self- belief and more confidence to be myself are the obvious areas that I have noticed a difference in. I now have the discipline and self-belief to step into a more consistent training and diet regime.

I love that I have the opportunity to train and most importantly feel comfortable and confident in a smaller club, where everyone’s ability and individual characteristics are respected.  There is no pressure to feel or look a certain way like there is at large gyms.  You can be comfortable to train within or outside of your means in a safe and friendly environment. The key message is be proud of who you are and what you can achieve!

Sharon Choi

Why did you choose to train at Olympia?

I saw photos on Facebook of someone that looked physically amazing and she gave credit to Cleo Brown. I admired the change in her body and her achievements, so I called Olympia to ask if they only trained bodies for competitions, or did they train non-competitors and regular people as well? I was asked to come in to have a chat, and have been there ever since

What are the top 3 things you love most about being part of the Olympia family?

1) Trainers are experts in the field, they know the body well, and what to do to achieve personal goals. The owner has actually successfully trained and competed herself, and can show that she has earned her life experience skills and expertise to qualify to advise others, having been there many times herself. In this way I felt that I could relate and gain from the knowledge gained by Cleo and all the staff.

2.) Warm friendly atmosphere, all the staff are lovely, Cleo-the owner mingles with everyone, and is very down to earth. You can ask her anything. She makes you feel very welcome to be in the Olympia family even though you don’t compete.

3) Privacy

How have you transformed physically/mentally since training at Olympia?

I have been mentally strong and highly motivated most of my life, and physically strong on the lower body, but very weak on the upper body. I could endure long cardio sessions, but had no strength to do one pull up. Every year I would train with discipline and completely rest over Christmas until the end of Jan, eating all that I wanted. The weight that I gained would fall off when my exercise routine started again. However, as I get older, this is no longer the case. My exercise routine was all cardio and dance, and no weights incorporated. I did more and more cardio, ignoring the diet, and was exhausted because there were no more hours left in the day to exercise, but the weight would not shift any more. Last year I went on a long holiday and when I returned I had lost total motivation to exercise or dance (something that has never happened to me before). I felt that I tried so hard, but could no longer get any results so what was the point. Three months went by and I could not get myself motivated for any form of physical activity. I decided to start something new to renew my motivation, change my diet and use different body parts, so I phoned Olympia. I signed up to force myself to commit, and have not stopped training, even with injuries I have managed to work around them with my trainer, asking the physio what I should do to rehabilitate, and incorporating these recovery exercises into my training. My trainer tailor-made exercises to strengthen my injured parts.

What has been your training highlight since training at Olympia?

I could never do a pull up in my life, (without lack of trying many times and watching many videos)-it was the one thing that I tried and tried, and then told myself, I would never be able to do one, so I accepted defeat. I can now manage three unassisted pull ups which took me over the moon, because now that I know I can, there is no stopping me to increase my goals. I cannot describe the feeling and the rush of achieving something that you never thought you could do in your entire life, and at my age.

Any other comments or your advice to someone who might be considering becoming a part of the Olympia family?

I think training with friendly experts in private, that know their stuff and understand your needs and goals is a great reason to stick with the Olympia family. Sometimes you get PT’s that tell you things that you feel you know more about, but at Olympia this is not the case. I chose a gym that would understand my body, and not just the exercise and what I want to achieve with it, that’s why I chose Olympia. That is the difference, many trainers know every exercise technique but they don’t understand the body types, and how to shape these target areas. Cleo is a leading industry expert in practice and in training, so I felt that I could always ask her advice which she has always been happy to offer.

Jess Brain

I chose to train at Olympia after I watched the progress and journey that two friends who competed with Olympia went through. Not only did it look like a whole lot of fun, I also saw them strive towards achieving something and gaining self-confidence as they did so, which is what really motivated me to join the team and train at Olympia!

I absolutely love the positive atmosphere that the team has, it makes me look forward to coming in and training every week. I love how motivating the team is towards all members, I would never be afraid to ask for help if I needed it. And lastly, I love being around like-minded people who aren’t judgemental of others at all.

Since training at Olympia I’ve realised that I’m a lot tougher than I thought I was, both physically and mentally. It’s been great to see my body change and meet some physical goals, but for me it’s been even better to show myself that I can do this!

My training highlight so far would have to be recently, when I leg pressed 200kg with my trainer Jake! That was definitely a training highlight for me so far! Another achievement was losing the 1.5% body fat I put on over the Christmas break in two weeks!

I’ve been following The Olympia Program every week. I love the variety – I also love the fact that if I’m short on time I can choose a quick meal, but there’s also more interesting options if I feel like them! I really like how precise all the measurements are as well.

If you’re thinking about joining Olympia, I would honestly say just take a leap of faith and do it! I definitely don’t regret it and can’t wait to compete in May!

Damo Van Brunschott

I hit upon Olympia with great luck and no real planning. I was looking for a small personal gym close to work which would push me and keep me interested and engaged. I’m still here at Olympia, with Jake still putting up with me – almost 3 years later!

Despite my initial reservation, taking out time for my training, which in turn is time spent away from my business, has turned out to greatly improve my business. Why- because I manage stress better, and I have a much better ability to ‘stand apart’ and focus on the bigger strategic issues. I am now less caught up in the day to day bustle and chaos of running a business.

The 3 reasons I love and come to Olympia are – the people, the people the people!

I have become heaps stronger, a lot leaner and I am far more resilient. I still have ore to go but am on the right path.

My training achievement is simply pushing myself beyond my level of initial expectations thanks to Jake’s encouragement and enthusiastic shouting!

Thanks Cleo and thanks Jake for providing me with a great place to train in the city!

*DISCLAIMER: Results May Vary From Person to Person

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