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If you’re sick and tired of sub-standard personal trainers who lack the knowledge and skills required for you to achieve your goal or transformation, then it’s time to upgrade to working with an Olympia trainer in our supportive and friendly Brisbane city gym.

Whether your goal is to lose weight and tone up, put on muscle, complete a 10km fun run, or to step on stage in a fitness competition, our Olympia personal trainers in Brisbane will help you get there!

When you start at Olympia you’ll receive a FREE start up personal training session to get you up and running with your personalized transformation plan and to make sure you are confident using all of the various gym equipment.


An Olympia Personal Trainer is an important part of an accelerated transformation

Our personal trainers aren’t just there for you for a 45 minute session, they’re there for you all throughout week to make sure you’re staying on track.  Your Olympia personal trainer will make direct contact with you outside of your personal training sessions to check in and keep you accountable.

Working with an Olympia trainer on top of your membership means you will benefit from fortnightly InBody composition scans and weigh ins. When your results are in, your personal trainer will have the data required to adjust your transformation plan appropriately so you can stay on target to achieve your fitness goals and transformation.

Your Olympia personal trainer will also educate you on what to eat, how much to eat and how to balance your nutrition with your training requirements, as well as answer any nutrition questions you may have. They can even help you to understand nutrition tracking apps such as My Fitness Pal.

How an Olympia Personal Trainer will make sure you reach your goals

Sometimes you need someone else to believe in you, before you can believe in yourself… And that’s exactly what your Olympia personal trainer is there to do.

Want to fast track your results? There’s no better way to kick-start your transformation and stay motivated throughout every workout session than to have an encouraging personal trainer by your side who will push you to your limits and help you achieve more than you could ever imagine. Your Olympia trainer will:

  • Assist you in goal setting with specific timeframes in which to achieve them
  • Help you complete additional repetitions that you would never be able to achieve on your own
  • Ensure you feel safe, confident and have perfect technique in every repetition
  • Motivate you and ensure you are pumped up and focused heading into every session

Your personal trainer will ensure you are fully supported throughout your transformation. A positive mindset will increase your chances of achieving a positive result quickly, which is why your trainer will check in with you and your headspace regularly.

If you’re ready to get more from yourself (and from your gym), then you’re ready to join us at Olympia. Still not sure if we’re the ones for you? Try us out! Obligation free, where you can find out for yourself why so many happy people are part of the Olympia family.

Our Olympia Personal Trainers specialize in many different areas

Our expert team of transformation specialists are always focused on getting you results. Whether it’s your first time in a gym or you’re a regular gym junkie, our personal trainers know how to help you reach your goals.

All of our personal trainers have their own set of strengths and qualifications to help you focus on and achieve your specific objectives, including:

Significant weight loss

Rapid fat loss and toning

Body reshaping

Muscle gain

Fitness competition preparation


Flexible dieting

Vegetarian/vegan lifestyle

Mindset coaching and mentoring

Pre and post natal

Our skilled team of Olympia trainers will push you further than ever before and keep you accountable to your goals. View our Meet the Olympia Trainers page to see all of our trainers for yourself and learn more about them and their areas of specialty.

We set you up with one of our Brisbane Personal Trainers who is an ideal match for you

We want to make sure that you’re set up for success in your personal training journey right from the very start, and the first step is finding the perfect trainer for you.

We understand that not every trainer is necessarily the best match for every client, and likewise, not every client is the best match for every trainer, which is why it is so important to us that we get this right from the start!

So how do we do this? Right from your initial enquiry we will ask you questions about your goals, your lifestyle, your nutritional requirements and what traits you would like to see in your ideal trainer. We will then meet with you face to face at Olympia to introduce you to the club and get to know you further, so that we can be 100% confident in deciding which trainer will be the best match for you.

On the rare occasion that we don’t quite get this match right, and you’d like to experience training with one of our other personal trainers, we will be more than happy to set you up with another match. One of the core philosophies between our trainers at Olympia is that if the fit isn’t quite right, then it is always what’s best for the client, not what’s best for the trainer. Our trainers are supportive professionals who care about every member whether they do personal training with them or not, so you can be confident knowing that you will always have a group of champion trainers behind you who always have your back no matter what.


Leave your details below and we will contact you to discuss your goals!

Personal Training in Brisbane CBD at Olympia

Now that you’ve discovered all of the advantages of working with and Olympia personal trainer, and how they’ll help you accelerate your transformation it’s obvious why our elite team are a cut above the rest.

Remember, thinking creates thoughts, but ACTION is what creates CHANGE. So take action now, and contact us to book in for your FREE personal training session to kick off your transformation!

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