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Cleo Evangelou Book in with Cleo

When Cleo first founded Olympia many years ago, at the fresh young age of 23, her vision was to create a sanctuary where people would feel enthusiastically welcomed into a top-class fitness facility regardless of their age, shape, size or experience whose health, fitness and transformation goals would be respected and taken seriously by every trainer on the team. And so, Olympia Body Transformation Sanctuary was born!

With 12 years’ experience in the fitness profession, 11 world titles in fitness and bikini, a history of national level gymnastics and a fierce passion for all things Muay Thai and kick boxing, Cleo is a goal achieving beast which you’ll soon find out will work in your favour when it comes to achieving yours!

If you need someone in your life to help you fight for your goals, then it’s Cleo you need in your corner, backing you up and rooting for you every step of the way. Call us on 07 3191 0564 to find out more about having Cleo on your team!

GREG EVANGELOU Book in with Greg

With the biggest smile you ever seen, and the biggest personality to match, “G” as he affectionately known by our fitness family is one of the energetic owners of Olympia! G is often the first point of contact for new members, and is almost always the one picking up the phone – so if you give us a bell you’ll more than likely be having a chat with G!

G has 14 years of experience in the fitness industry as a fitness professional and fitness educator to new and experienced trainers alike, as well as being an internationally renowned motivational speaker and business coach. He’s passionate about everything he does, but a few things that rise to the top are; spending time at Olympia helping members kick their goals and achieve huge personal growth, playing with his 3 gorgeous puppy dogs and taking nothing less than a win when it comes to playing in his competitive soccer leagues!

With G on your team you’re destined to win when it comes to your health, fitness and life goals! Call G now to start your transformation and begin kicking goals at Olympia! Call 07 3191 0564 to get started!

LISA WILLIAMS Book in with Lisa

Lisa is one of the most energetic, bubbly, fun fitness professionals you’ll ever have the pleasure of coming across, and if you’re lucky enough to train with Lisa you’ll quickly see why she’s known as Olympia’s human duke box and resident DJ!

Lisa loves to train people who might be new to exercise or nervous in a gym setting, as well as training people who have big weight loss targets and big goals to match. Lisa has helped her clients lose hundreds of kilos collectively and is excited to double, and even triple that number!

Lisa has been on her own fitness journey having previously weighing in over 100kgs, she understands how it feels to be overweight and what it takes mentally and physically to transform a body from unhappy and uncomfortable to ultimate body confidence.

If you’re looking for a trainer to help you shed fat, reshape your body and have fun in the process – Lisa is the trainer for you! Call us on 07 3191 0564 to organize a time to meet with Lisa!

ZARA VAN NIMWEGEN Book in with Zara

She’s represented her country in women’s soccer, had an MMA cage fight, represented at national level in women’s gymnastics, competed in a fitness competition AND recently accomplished her own weight loss journey of 18kg – Zara is an absolutely unstoppable force and of course is prepared to take and deliver an ass whooping!

Zara is an extremely caring, loving and enthusiastic little pocket rocket who is passionate about helping her clients feel educated, capable and accomplished. She focuses carefully on each client to ensure that they feel individually recognized and accountable in all areas of their training and nutrition.

With a background in gymnastics, helping clients with their flexibility and mobility goals is a given for Zara, and of course with her experience and history in boxing and martial arts she loves to pass on her skills on the pads and bag!

Outside of Olympia Zara loves getting into all sports, as well as hiking up mountains, going fishing and camping and practicing yoga at any opportunity. As a lover of the great outdoors – this is where you’ll find Zara on the STRONGends (people like Zara don’t do WEAKends)!

If you’re looking for a trainer who will be your accountabilibuddy and get you to your goals with a heap of fun along the way then Zara is your girl! To book in with Zara give us a bell on – 07 3191 0564!

RYAN HURSTBook in with Ryan

Keen to train with a world champion?! Our gorgeous Ryan is a world champion in fitness who specializes not just in building muscles but in building the confidence and self esteem of his clients to help them achieve their ultimate transformations!

You’d never believe after meeting buff and confident Ryan in the flesh that only a couple of years ago he was weighing in at a total of only 48kg and battling depression as a result of constant bullying over a number of years. He now walks around with pride at 70kg, sporting a rippling six pack with popping arms and shoulders having built himself from the ground up to where he is today.

Ryan is a very considerate, structured and motivating man who is devoted to ensuring his clients feel confident, accepted, rewarded, and dammit he wants them feeling down right sexy in their own skin too! Ryan’s ideal client is someone who is wanting to establish who they are both inside and out and who is wanting to feel positive, fit and fierce in their own skin whether that be a client who is looking to gain weight or lose it, Ryan is a transformation master. Of course as an ICN Pro Fitness Model he loves to help those who are keen on setting their sights on the bodybuilding and fitness stage as an area of specialty too!

He’s qualified in trigger point therapy, as well as highly qualified as a Japanese snack connoisseur and manga comic enthusiast haha!

If you’re looking to work with a trainer who has an eye for detail and who wants to be on the journey every step of the way with you, then Ryan is your guy! To book a session with Ryan, please contact us on (07) 3191 0564.

JOSH GREANEY Book in with Josh

Meet the lean, mean, Greaney machine! When you see Josh in the flesh, there will be no doubt in your mind why this living legend has been awarded his Pro card in fitness modelling! He’s buff, he’s ripped and he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever come across. He’s an athlete in every sense of the word and is passionate about passing on his lifestyle and knowledge to anyone who is open to it.

Josh is a head co-coach to The Pro Team and loves being in a leadership role to those who have their eyes set on stepping on stage. He’s positive, passionate, focused, organized and systematic which makes him a trainer who gets results. He’s harsh but fair and will do everything in his power to make sure you hit the goals and targets you set together.

Josh lives a life and maintains a mindset of constant and never-ending improvement not only for himself, but for his clients which is a huge reason why his clients love him so much.

If it’s a trainer who is structured, organized, disciplined and direct that you’re after and you’re ready to take things to the next level with your physique then Josh is the trainer for you. To arrange an appointment with Josh contact us on 07 3191 0564!

JAKE GILMARTIN Book in with Jake

If you’re wondering what the personified version of a Yeezy sneaker + luxury sports car + Adonis body is equal to, it’s definitely our trainer Jake Gilmartin! Jake has a love of beautiful things, which is a huge reason why he loves helping people achieve a physique and fitness level they’ve previously only dreamt of!

Jake enjoys training people who have a goal of losing body fat and gaining muscle, who also want to build a strong foundation of great technique and knowledge around nutrition. He loves to see his clients feeling strong, accepted, healthy and knowledgeable as a result of them working together.

Jake lives a healthy, fit and athletic life, with a keen interest in boxing and conditioning which he loves to pass onto his clients and fellow trainers alike.

If you’re keen to work with a trainer who will teach you perfect technique and help you become stronger than you ever through possible then train with our very own real life Adonis – Jake Gilmartin. To arrange a time to meet with Jake please call us on 07 3191 0564!

SA DANG Book in with Sa

Sa may be small in stature, but she is mighty, mighty, mighty! With an outrageous track record of 3 x Australian powerlifting records, a fitness model champion title and a professional status as a figure competitor it’s not surprising that Sa is sure to be the one to help you achieve your ultimate goals!

With her achievements in powerlifting and body sculpting, of course these are areas of knowledge and interest that Sa loves to pass on to others. Although she loves helping those with powerlifting and body sculpting goals, her favourite types of people to train are people who are wanting to feel empowered and more confident within themselves. She also loves training people who are eager to learn great technique and who also enjoy a bit of fun in their workouts!

Sa is strong, energetic and fun and is always interested and inquisitive in what others have set out to achieve. She loves to help her clients feel like they have control over their goals and their training as well as helping them understand the wonderful world of nutrition. Sa ultimately loves witnessing her clients become EMPOWERED, confident and strong! She will be your biggest 5ft cheerleader!
This legendary lady is currently learning the Australian sign language of Auslan, so that she can help those who are hearing impaired feel more confident in the gym and during their workouts – remember how we said she likes to make her clients feel EMPOWERED?!

Are you up for a challenge?! Keen to be pushed by one of the strongest women in the country?! Then Sa is the trainer for you! If you’d like to book in to see Sa, give us a call on 07 3191 0564 to arrange a time!

MELANIE MAXWELL Book in with Mel

Want to know you’re aliveeee?! Then training with the fun, strong, caring, and hilarious Mel will certainly make you feel that way! She’ll make you feel things you’ve never felt before – In all the best ways!

Mel loves to help clients feel alive by pushing them to their potential while simultaneously building their self confidence from the inside, out. This spicy little burrito will make you feel challenged but never defeated and will without a doubt have you setting a countdown until your next session together.

While she will be cheering with uncontrollable encouragement for you during our group fitness classes, Mel’s enthusiastic approach and caring nature is what makes Mel so special. Aside from our required team qualifications, Mel also has an advanced Diploma in Naturopathy and has completed Certs in assisting people who have challenges around emotional eating and helping people overcome behaviours around eating disorders – We told you she was clever and caring!

If you’re keen on developing a holistic approach to achieve your fitness dreams, while having fun along the way – Mel is your girl!

JACK BANNAM Book in with Jack

There’s absolutely no missing this fellow when you enter the gym as we’re sure he’s at least a foot taller than the rest of us! Meet Olympia’s resident giraffe and all around good guy – Jack!

Jack is a trainer who is fun, energetic, enthusiastic, understanding and totally committed on all fronts to his clients. He prides himself on making his clients feel welcomed and comfortable to be themselves whether it be during a training session together or when they are in the club working out alone.

Once upon a time, Jack was a heavy smoker who ate McDonald’s multiple times per week and the thought of working out was non-existent. Thankfully, he had an enough is enough moment and turned his life around and through fitness and proper nutrition Jack shed an epic 20 kilos of fat, and reshaped his physique completely to the muscular and athletic man you see today. Jack knows what it feels like to be living in an unhealthy body with an unhealthy mindset, so he is a whizz when it comes to helping clients achieve a happy, fit, smoke free life and a body most would kill for!

If the idea of working out with this tall drink of water tickles your fancy and you’d like to book in an appointment, contact us on 07 3191 0564!

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