Group Fitness Classes

A group class is like adding a touch of spice to your weekly workout! You want to stick to your regular exercise plan, but it’s great to try something new as well.

Our fitness classes are suitable for all fitness levels and are full of fun and great energy – you won’t even realize how hard you’re working!

While your trainer is going to give you plenty of new and exciting exercises to keep your strength and fitness levels rising, another way to make sure you’re burning fat whilst having fun is with Olympia’s group fitness classes.

When you add a group gym class into the mix of your training schedule, the results are going to speak for themselves. You’ll try new exercises, learn new workouts and get to work out with a like-minded group of dedicated gym buddies who are the perfect motivator to get you pushing through one more rep or round!

Our Classes

We run a range of different group fitness classes throughout the week to bring our members excitement and variety to their fitness regimes. Take a look at what we have on offer to find the right class for your schedule and training needs. We also recommend that you mix it up and try a range of classes – especially if you’ve never done group fitness classes before – so that you can find the gym class that’s right for you.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning 7.30am 6.15am 7.30am 6.15am 8.30am
Kings & Queens of Pop (45mins) Tabata Tasty (45mins) This is Spartaaa! (45mins) Full Body Bonanza (45mins) Dance Party Fat Burning (45mins)
Lunch 1.30pm 1.45pm 1.30pm 1.30pm 1.30pm
Full Body Bonanza (30mins) Stretchh (30mins) Combat Conditioning (30mins) Tabata Tasty (30mins) Buns of Steel (30mins)
Evening 4.15pm 6.15pm 6.30pm
Strength Squad (45mins) Combat Conditioning (45mins) Stretchhh (45mins)
1.30pm Full Body Bonanza EXPRESS (30 mins)
6.15am Tabata Tuesday (45 mins)
1.30pm Combat Conditioning EXPRESS (30 mins)
6.15 pm Combat Conditioning (45 mins)
6.15am Full Body Bonanza (45 mins)
1.30pm Buns of Steel EXPRESS (30 mins)
6.15pm Strength Squad (45 mins)
8.30am Dance Party Fat Burning (45 mins)

Tabata Tasty

Come along and kick your day off right with an interval based workout using the fat burning equipment in the club (treadmills, bikes, rowers and cross trainers).
You’ll be ready to face anything when you’re done!

Combat Conditioning

Get your body in peak condition with a group class focused on boxing, kicking, elbows, power knees and strength work!

Full Body Bonanza

There’s no part of your body that won’t hurt when you’re done with this full body circuit based class. You’ll feel the burn!

Buns of Steel

This class is focused on all things legs, booty, buns and burning! Build a power booty and sexy legs in this lower body session!

Strength Squad 

Get your weekly dose of strength training and education with this session based on technique and intensity. We’ll get you working up to and doing the big lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc.).

Kings and Queens of Pop 

A fun and vivacious class to the greatest pop hits of all time! This class is a full body workout with a playful twist. Did you know that you burn more calories if you sing while you exercise?! You won’t be able to hold back in this class!


This class focuses on flexibility and mobility in a relaxed environment. No crazy advanced yoga poses here – it’s suitable for all levels and you’ll leave feeling longer and looser for sure!

This is Spartaaa! 

I’m sure you can guess the theme of this class in that is has specific movements to help you prepare for obstacle events, or to just get you moving in all directions regardless of your goal! This class will require some agility and the ability to change between standing and laying/low to the ground movements at a reasonable pace. It is fun and energetic and also focuses on working together and encouraging one another throughout the workout!

Dance Party Fat Burning

Party time! This is a group workout with many of our Olympia Family and is our biggest class of the week. Focused on fat burning and FUN, we get into hopscotch, cardiovascular exercise, body weight exercises, monkey bars, and of course, the best tunes of the 80s, 90s and early 00s! Fluro workout gear is always welcome here.

The Motivation of a Group Gym Class

A group class a great way to meet new people at Olympia, and it’s also a sure-fire way to push yourself to the max. Why not come along to our ever-popular Saturday morning dance party to kick your weekend off the right way? Or maybe you want to see how far you can push it with Tabata Tuesdays. Whatever your flavour, we’ve got something to suit.

The energy that we see in our group fitness classes is second to none. Our classes have been described as ‘amazing’, ‘awesome’, and ‘so much fun’ – once people get a chance to catch their breath, that is! Our group fitness trainers and class-goers put a huge amount of commitment into every class, and even if you’re not feeling your most motivated, the way your fellow gym buddies are working out will soon raise you up a level.

A few of our classes start early in the morning, so if you find it hard to get the motivation to get going first thing in the morning, then these classes are perfect for you. Same thing if you’ve finished work and are feeling a bit ‘meh’ about working out – just show up for your class and the group atmosphere will have you energised in no time!

Group Fitness for All at Olympia

Are you guilty of not warming up properly or not stretching and cooling down after a workout? You won’t be able to get away with that when you’re in a group fitness class! Our trainers take every class through a comprehensive warm up and cool down and make sure that any injuries or potential issues are taken into consideration with modified activities or exercises.

Our aim is simple: to provide a welcoming, energetic space where you can work out surrounded by your like-minded peers. It doesn’t matter what level your fitness is at, whether you’re just starting out, are a seasoned gym-goer or somewhere in between. Group fitness is a great way to mix up your training routine and to work out with the motivation of other class members.

Oh, and did we mention that the classes are a lot of fun? We’ll take you through challenges and mix things up, so you’re never bored at Olympia.

To find out more about our amazing club and classes, please contact us on (07) 3191 0564.