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Our fitness competition trainers are highly skilled at getting you ready for the stage. They know what to target, how to keep you motivated, and how to keep pushing you when you think you’ve reached your limit. Our coaches have all successfully competed themselves, and have prepped many clients to champion and pro status.

With over 15 years of combined competition experience between our head coaches, we’ve tried and tested what works and what doesn’t so that you don’t have to waste time trying to figure it all out yourself. Joining The Pro Team goes much further than just writing you nutrition and training plan to stick to, as you’ll see below we cover everything you need for a successful competition prep, so all you need to do is to follow the specific plan that’s been designed for you and let us take care of the rest!

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All Pro Team members receive:

  • Competition Specific Nutrition Plan with Regular Updates
  • 10 Day Out/Peak Week Plan
  • Monthly InBody Composition Scan to Assess Progress
  • 1 x PT Sessions with Competition Specialist Trainer
  • Training Programming
  • Weekly Posing Practice – All year round
  • Monthly Team Meetings – For educational seminars and posing
  • BSB Custom Competition Bikini or Trunks
  • Material of Choice for custom Bikini or Trunks
  • Competition Tan
  • Competition Top Coat and Touch Ups
  • Competition Day Plan and Support
  • Professional Competition Day Photography
  • Pro Team Uniform Apparel
  • Exclusive Pro Team Forum Access
  • Supplement Information and Advice
  • Cooking and Food Prep Advice
  • Sponsorship Support and Advice
  • Post Competition Support & Nutrition

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When you join our fitness competition training team, The Pro Team, you’ll get the motivation you need from your fellow competitors and our trainers to keep going. You’ll develop laser-like focus through our ongoing coaching and support. You’ll learn how to pose, how to maximise your performance, and we’ll get you ready for the stage. You’ll have our support at every step of the way and beyond.

Check out one of our overall bikini champions Amy McKey and her story about how Olympia and The Pro Team supported her in every area of her prep (and life!), both inside and outside of the gym:

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Choosing the division that’s best for you

The sport of body sculpting deals with many different body types who all have very different starting points, genetic structure and make up, competitive desire and ambition as well as potential for muscular development which is why this sport offers a range of divisions depending on what you’re best suited to at the time of the competition. Although genetic build and goal setting/achieving will ultimately determine which division a person is best suited for – you can understand that with more time, consistency, training and dieting, that a competitor could end up moving into a different division to where they initially start from.

Bikini Competition Training

Training toward a Bikini Division is considered for most as the starting point of the division ladder for female competitors. The physique required to be competitive in a bikini division is to have well-trained, softer physique with slightly less muscle than the next divisions above which is women’s fitness and sports model.

A bikini competitor should not have a six pack abs, however some abdominal definition is preferred (think vertical lines through the midsection rather than the horizontal lines that end up forming the six pack muscle).

A bikini competitor should be well proportioned and display a balanced physique. This division is judged in a two piece competition style bikini with heels.

Women’s Fitness and Sport Model Competition Training

Women’s Fitness and Women’s Sport Model divisions are very similar, with the key defining factor between the two being what the competitor wears on stage. The women’s fitness division competitors are required to wear a two piece competition style bikini with heels, while the women’s sports model division is required to wear a crop top and booty shorts (generally supplied by the federation) and white sneakers. The fitness and sports model body should be considerably more developed than that of a bikini competitor and show development particularly through the shoulders, back, abs, butt and legs. The competitor should display a 6 pack abs to be competitive in this division.

Men’s Fitness Competition Training

The men’s fitness division fits into a very similar physical description as the female fitness competitors in that they should display a well-trained, hard, muscular body with a 6 pack abs and generally well defined body. This division is performed in short, lycra swim style trunks (generally supplied by the federation) and is considered as the entry point for male competitors on the ladder of men’s divisions that are available to compete in. Men’s fitness competitors should present themselves on stage professionally comparable to that of commercial model.

Men’s Physique Competition Training

Men’s physique competitors should be more muscular than a male fitness model. This division is considered as the half way point between the men’s fitness division and the bodybuilding divisions. The competitor should display a large, muscular, and well-conditioned physique, which significant development. The physique is shown off to the judges through a series of 9 different poses (4 x quarter turns for symmetry and 5 x muscularity poses). This division is performed in board shorts (generally supplied by the competitor).

Women’s Figure Competition Training

The women’s figure judging and requirements are along the lines of the men’s physique division in terms of level of muscular development relative to the female build, as well as condition and posing. The figure competitor should have less muscular development than a bodybuilder, but more development than a fitness/sports model competitor. As in the men’s physique division, there are 9 different poses in which the competitor is judged and assessed. This division is performed in a high cut, cross backed style competition bikini and heels.

Nikki - Olympia Body Transformation Sanctuary Blonde Female Fitness Competition Participant Posing in a Black and White Bikini

Bodybuilding Competition Training

Bodybuilding competitors should have the most bulk/muscular development than any of the divisions. Bodybuilders should have a bulky physique with major muscular development. Muscular separation and striations should be visible, as well as considerable vascularity and condition. There are 12 compulsory poses that bodybuilders perform including 4 x symmetry poses and 8 muscularity poses. This division is performed in bodybuilding style competition trunks (think speedos) and bare feet.

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So, as you have read, The Pro Team give you the competitive edge with our knowledge, expertise and experience. We’ve seen members of our Pro Team go from first-time competitor to pro bikini champion in six months. We’ve seen members undergo incredible physical transformations they never thought possible. But most of all – when you say that you want to achieve a goal, The Pro Team is going to make sure that happens. You don’t get an option to give up – and your competition coaches will never stop supporting you and will be there cheering their lungs out for you when you’re up on that stage!

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